Sequin Art

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  • Laser Sequin Art

    Laser Sequin Art

    Each Laser Sequin Art pack comes with two printed pictures covered in sticky dots ready to add the colourful sparkly sequins to create the finished picture. Suitable for younger children.
  • Sequin Art 60

    Sequin Art 60

    An introductory Sequin Art kit, these smaller pictures can be completed in 60 minutes. Just pin the colourful sequins onto the coloured picture fixed to a polystyrene base to create a sparkling masterpiece.
  • Sequin Art Junior

    Sequin Art Junior

    The Sequin Art Red range is a simpler version of Sequin Art, suitable for children and those new to the art. Each set comes with a full colour, pre-printed design ready to start pinning your sequins on the appropriate coloured places. The black background of the finished picture really makes the sparkly sequins pop!
  • Sequin Art

    Sequin Art

    Create a stunning sparkling picture using the velvet design and colourful sequins provided.
  • Sequin Art Style

    Sequin Art Style

    The Sequin Art Style range enables you to create a trio of stylish themed sequin pictures.

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? Sequin Art is a wonderful way to create glittering designs with, you guessed it, sequins! Create sparkling pictures with colourful sequins - for younger children the pictures are sticky to make adding the sequins easier and for older children and adults the sequins are attached using pins. There are all kinds of pictures to choose from with Sequin Art.