Oval Mount Framing

Oval Mount FramingWhen you come in for picture framing, one of the questions we'll ask is do you want it with a mount? If you're not sure what this is, this refers to the thick cardboard insert that surrounds your picture inside the picture frame. Depending on the type of picture you may decide you prefer it without a mount, posters, for example, are more often framed un-mounted. Oil paintings are usually framed without glass and therefore without a mount.

If you choose to have a mount then there will be a few more things to think about - what colour and what shape? White, cream or black are most often chosen but there are various colours you can choose from. most picture frames have a square or rectangular mount but for some images, as in this example, an oval mount is the perfect way to show it off. Also seen in this picture is the use of a double mount where a contrasting mount board colour is used to enhance the picture.