Model Scenery

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  • Hedges & Foliage

    Hedges & Foliage

    You'll need flexible hedging and hedge foliage to create your layouts and dioramas.
  • Lichen


    Lichen in a variety of colours will liven up your diorama terrain.
You'll be amazed by the range of model scenic materials you can choose from to create realistic scale model scenery for all kinds of modelling projects. Browse through our selection of model hedges, bushes and foliage, trees, lichen and scatter. You can mix and match the sizes and colours to create your own unique dioramas and layouts - perfect for model train enthusiasts, scale modellers, war-gaming and role-playing gamers, and all kinds of school projects. To add to your scenes choose from the many Dapol model buildings - these kits come in wide variety of 00 scale buildings, fixtures and people from station platforms, bridges and fences to houses, shops and the village church.