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  • Card Making

    Card Making

    You can be oh so creative in your paper crafts with an assortment of stamps, dies and embellishments.
  • Cross Stitch Kits

    Cross Stitch Kits

    Cross stitch is a fun, easily portable craft for anyone to try. Start with a mini kit then move on to a bigger challenge.
  • Mosaic Kits

    Mosaic Kits

    You can create cute, fun and creative mosaic pictures and designs with everything you need ready in the box.
  • Glass Art

    Glass Art

    Be creative with glass - glass painting, glass cutting or glass etching.
  • Craft Kits

    Craft Kits

    You can try all kinds of crafts with a craft kit - everything you need is in the box.
  • Sequin Art

    Sequin Art

    Perfect for those who like some sparkle! Create beautiful sequin pictures with a Sequin Art kit.

Crafting is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and there are so many different kinds of crafts you can do. We have a wide range of craft kits which are the perfect way to try something new - everything you need is in the box. We also have an increasing range of supplies and materials for craft projects and school projects. So whether it's card making, Sequin Art, jewellery making, mosaics or cross stitch, browse our selection for your next fun project.