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  • Paints


    You don't have to be an artist to enjoy playing with paints - you never know, you may unknowingly create a masterpiece!
  • Pencils


    A pencil is not just a pencil - now you can draw, colour or even paint with pencils.
  • Inks


    For something a bit different you can use the vibrant colour of inks alone or in mixed media.
  • Brushes


    Whatever you want to paint, there's a paintbrush for that. Browse our selection...
  • Easels


    You can work on a table but an easel is SO much better!
At In Perspective we believe everyone can be an artist. When creating a piece of art, it's not just about the final product, but the means by which you get there. Good quality art materials can help you produce work you can be proud of and at In Perspective you can find a wide variety of art supplies for whatever level you're at. Drawing can be fun, watercolour painting can be relaxing, oil painting can be expressive, so get your inner artist out!